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liberación:  Kensington Market

We are all critics in every aspect of our lives. 


When given the chance, one will complain and compliment, sometimes within the same sentence.  Today we are self-proclaimed “experts” due to the ease of turning on our computers.  What we are really doing is providing our personnel opinion disguised as a fact. 


To some, graffiti is a form of rebellion that can express a social injustice or a form of inclusion from fringe members of our society.  To others, its plain and simple vandalism, an eye-sore that must be removed.  Yet, some see graffiti as street art, a gift to an otherwise dull and grey wall.  


Toronto’s Kensington Market has created a unique and comfortable relationship with graffiti writers, street artists and taggers.  This acceptance has contributed to the local community’s continual and evolving cosmopolitan edge. 


Over a two-night period in January 2016, I explored the graffiti lined streets and alleyways documenting Kensington’s underground art scene.  In the public sphere, I searched blogs and articles about Toronto’s graffiti and found quotes on the “comments” section.  


Now it’s your turn to join the conversation. 

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